Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Self-Sufficiancy, Without Poverty! Also, Indie Comic Books

We have an apartment!

Well no... we have a house share, but it's a pretty-full house with two seemingly awesome roommates. I am excited, it's right between Hawthorn and Belmont in P-town, two interesting reasonably busy streets with direct bus lines heading downtown every fifteen minutes, there are nearby food carts, shopping areas, coffee shops, grocery stores. Our room is the basement, so there are two rooms and a private bathroom with a fireplace in the larger room and nicely painted pretty walls. Life is good, now to just get a job so we can pay for it forever. Don't worry we have savings but I'm not going to calm down completely until I am making in enough money to pay my part of rent, my student loans, save something every month and eat food. This is my immediate goal- self sufficiency without poverty.

So Emily and I both spent a large part of the weekend volunteering at the Stumptown Comic Book Fest here in Portland. That was fun, there were some cool things to see for example...

1) not only does Portland have an openly gay mayor, we also have an openly gay Super Hero Mayor. That's right this last Saturday Portland was introduced to our very own .. Maaayor MAN! He was basically a very nice older man in an awesome sued blue and green suite and awesome helmet. But put these seemingly simple things together and you have... a great photo opportunity for a politician in the indie loving Comic Book crazed city like Portland.

2) I know mayyybe 25 people in this city, since I've lived here a few weeks and have a handful of friends living here already. I easily saw half of them if not three quarters at the comic fest. Apparently it's just my kind of people who like comic books, awesome people.

3) There were of course the evil convention stereo-types there. For example: a teenage-ish girl in cat ears with frizzy hair who spoke in a navel voice interrupting the speaker "Excuse me...To clarify the character's name is 'The Doctor' the Series is called 'Doctor Who'".
Or people dressed as pirates.. they where kinda awesome though and officially part of the convention. The pirates are part of PDX-Yargh have a sailboat they take around to schools to make kids excited about learning.

4) the web-comic artists of some of my favorite big and small comics including Jane's World, Skin Deep, DAR, PvP, and Wasted Talent. I didn't buy much of anything, and I ended up chickening out on getting people's autographs but I did approach and talk to the artists that I enjoyed which was really fun. When I went up to Wasted Talent's table (an autobiographical comic about a silly child-like Engineer who lives in Vancouver, Canada) and excitedly announced I read her comic and like it a lot the author up on the balls of her feet and in a bubbly voice put out her hand and thanked me. I ended up talking to her for a few minutes and walked away feeling happy and appreciated... when I had actually gone up to her meaning to appreciate her.

Anyway I highly suggest volunteering, I got thanked by every other booth I walked by on my volunteer shift, I was invited to the free (with free beer) after party where I could mix and mingle with exhibitors, and I got into the event for free all weekend. Also, awesome red t-shirt. Just what I wanted another free T-shirt.

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